Vegan Blood Pressure Miracle Leads to “Earthlings”

Vegan Blood Pressure Miracle Leads to “Earthlings”

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Animal activist and vegan, Christine Parker, talks about her weight loss journey as well as her high blood pressure issues.  Influenced by the documentary, “Forks Over Knives,” Christine immediately goes plant-based and notices a surge in energy.  She discusses how blood pressure medication just masks the problem by dilating the arteries so the blood can flow faster.  Christine talks about the Standard American Diet and how people are not meant to consume such large amounts of protein and cholesterol.  She states, “The benefits are definitely the energy levels, your hair changes, your body doesn’t smell… Like oh my God, you don’t get body odor anymore!  Like, that’s amazing to me!   Your head becomes so much more clear.  You see things.  I can’t explain it.  You see ten times clearer than you normally would.  You’re more open to learning.  Because I discovered this, because I have figured this out for myself, it makes me think, “What else am I following that this country, that this world [forces upon us]…”

And, even her companion dog agrees!

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[The above photo depicts the beautiful scenery at Manasquan Reservoir in Howell, New Jersey, USA, a place where both of us have enjoyed the breathtaking views and being at peace with nature.  Christine and her companion animals love to go walking there together].

Later, she talks about documentaries such as “Farm to Fridge” and “Earthlings” that depict factory farming and slaughterhouses.  She gives the animals a voice by talking about how they have souls and feelings just like anyone else.  By giving up animal products and going vegan, she loses the weight, lowers her blood pressure, and begins fighting for animal liberation.

Christine Parker is a personal friend of mine.  We have stood at many animal rights vigils together, attended a seminar by Dr. Will Tuttle, who wrote “The World Peace Diet,” leafletted via vegan outreach, and even worked on our first vegan/animal rights video over the Summer of 2014.  Christine graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree from Georgian Court University in Lakewood, New Jersey, USA.  She can be found working out at the gym, enjoys nature walks with her companion dogs, and loves to spend quality time with her family.  Her YouTube channel can be found under the name “Chris P.”

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Christine Parker, Vegan/Animal Activist – Paul Schulman Vegan Fierce Webmaster

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