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Stop Factory Farming T-Shirt Available in Size S, M, L, & XL.

This is my attempt at adding an item to the Vegan Fierce Store. The look and feel of it will change drastically in the coming weeks. The “Stop Factory Farming” t-shirts, for the record, do not indicate that factory farming is the only form of animal agriculture that needs to stop. It is an attempt at raising awareness for the plight of the animals as well as a stepping stone for people to get involved in animal activism and veganism. Shirts are being sold in sizes Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large at a cost of $24.99 each with free USA shipping. International shipping is just $14.95. I will provide free USPS tracking for anyone that buys a shirt, although internationally, tracking stops once the product leaves the USA.

So far, Paypal has been linked to this page, and you do not need to create an account with them in order to use your credit card (I’ll eventually be able to accept bank transfers and credit cards, but for now, I’m just starting out). So, please use Paypal for now unless you wish to mail payment.

Sorry about the sideways link image below. WordPress is a pain, but it looks normal on the website. And, if you have any concerns or payment questions, especially since I’m learning the website functionality, please send me a PM on FB. I will respond to any and all “normal” emails within twenty-four hours. Please keep it cool and don’t create drama on my page just because I’m trying to sell a shirt that doesn’t include circuses, marine parks, horse-drawn carriages, vivisection labs, etc. (They are, and will be, for sale also). I’m not a “welfarist” although I believe in animal welfare. The term was created by some animal activists who have a bone to pick with those who do not advocate in exactly the same way as they do. We are all on the same team and need to stick together. I do not believe in dividing the animal rights movement by picking fights with people who would give anything and everything for the animals… For those of you who don’t know, I follow the work of a lot of really great animal activists, and many people follow my own, though I do not consider myself to have done nearly as much as they have. I support brave people like Gary Yourofsky (ADAPTT), Philip Wollen (Animals Australia), Dr. Will Tuttle (World Peace Diet), Bruce Friedrich (Farm Sanctuary) Nathan Runkle (MFA), T.J. Tumasse (undercover investigations), Dr. Paul Watson (Sea Shepherd), as well as many others, including my vegan and animal rights brothers and sisters. I do not believe in dividing the movement by bullying others based on their level of activism. We are all part of the same cause, which is animal liberation. The person who cooks vegan food or promotes veganism to their family and friends is as important to the movement as the person holding signs, doing Direct Action Everywhere, and rescuing animals by opening up their sanctuaries. Keep it cool. Love you all. <3


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