Lionel Spreads His Wings After Childhood Trauma!

Lionel Spreads His Wings After Childhood Trauma!

“Hi. Lionel’s the name, and flying’s the game! I’m a Big Boy now, having recently got the last of my new feathers after some Indian cut them all when i was little. It’s not a nice thing to do. Did you know that to develop right our brains can only learn some stuff in symbiosis with other development. We need to learn fast reaction times and coordination when we are very young. If you stop us flying it’s much slower and more dangerous getting the skills. I’ve been lucky i guess because i found a couple of humans to help me out with this. (They’re not all bad… though i got to say making out you love us while you eat us is a bit rich!!). Anyway, I used to go out every day with the man one, looking for yummy shoots, berries and stuff. I would sit on the Long Staff of Parrot, (their name, not mine, alright!) and look towards where i saw something good, (they have crap eyesight People! They can’t even pulse their irises when they chat, would you believe!), and he would take me that way. So i learned about foraging at least. Then, over four months, my plumage returned and i started to learn to fly. Did laps round the little hill we all share first, building up strength slowly. I was very disciplined actually, pushing myself one day, just cruising the second day… you gotta give those muscles a day to recover, right?! Man, you should see me go now! I can bank hard, turn up sideways to go through narrow bits, even hover! Ok, Listen up People! You think flying is just .. well, flying, right? You ought to try it, human smarty pants! We’re talking Defying Gravity here! And it ain’t no stroll in the park! I’m doing thirty, even forty miles an hour through mangroves, in and out of the jungle, a’ducking and a’diving, under the Raccoons safety netting (yeah… I know! Safety netting!! lol!), through the tent…. think you can process info that fast, be my guest Sucker! I think you’re just envious. I stay round theirs still some nights but stay out if i feel like it. The people are kinda ok but I’ve been checking out a couple if Babes who roost around here…. Hmm… might be time to move on soon maybe. Think i still might call round sometimes to say hi, and see how the folks are doing though. Easy! X” Thank you, Paul! 🙂

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