Meet TJ Tumasse, A Vegan Animal Activist Hero!

Meet TJ Tumasse, A Vegan Animal Activist Hero!

“The way that these companies try to deal with these undercover investigations is to blame a scapegoat. They point their finger at one person and say, “This man was doing bad things, and this is not happening anymore.” We know that that’s not true. We also know that the retailer can blame a particular company and try to switch from one supplier to another and say, “We’re getting our products from someone who doesn’t do these horrible abuses,” and we know that’s not true. It’s imperative as activists as beings of the social movement that we hold the system itself responsible. That we focus on supporting organizations like MFA, COK, and PETA, and any organization that does undercover work, so that they don’t simply go after convictions of men doing these things, but that they place the responsibility on the consumer themselves, and say, “YOUR DINNER CAUSES DEATH!” TJ Tumasse

TJ Tunasse- Undercover Investigations(ARC 2014)

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I began this website as a way to showcase that going vegan is easy, cost-effective, delicious, and most importantly, fun. No animal has to suffer or die for a meal. Since the age of four, I have not eaten meat. I learned at a young age that the family puppy shared the same types of emotions as wild animals and farm animals. I never thought that it was okay to exploit them. Twelve years ago, I gave up cheese, not knowing the suffering through which cows had gone. I am dedicated to the vegan lifestyle, animal advocacy, and in furthering the social justice movements for all people, animals, and the planet. I am pleased to announce that since this blog began in 2014, there are many more vegan businesses from restaurants, a fully vegan shopping center, a school that only serves vegan food, and a vegan medical center. Although I have no affiliation with them, I feel that it is noteworthy to say that the movement is growing, and I hope to see the property status of animals one day change to acknowledge them as "persons," not things.

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