“Animassity” by Leanne Bridgewater (In Honor of Animal Activist, Jill Phipps, Killed by Calf Slaughter Truck)

“Animassity” by Leanne Bridgewater (In Honor of Animal Activist, Jill Phipps, Killed by Calf Slaughter Truck)

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This work is being dedicated to an animal activist who was killed in the line of duty by an export truck sending calves to slaughter… R.I.P. Jill Phipps

I’d like to give a warm welcome to Miss Leanne Bridgewater, of Coventry, UK, who honors a slain activist who tried to save the lives of others, putting theirs before her own.

You have not died in vain. Your sacrifice will be remembered.


I’m a cold heart
Where’s your warm?
I’m-a-come-in-a-coma storm
Hide out face it’s here in fear
Frightened dark out black and ash jet
Where’s the wider speechless pay rent?
To the hotel, where’s your mama?
Take me downtown, I’m a gonner
Gonna sell out, hear the slaves how,
They cry out for some days where
The tests were, wears out fur farm
In this threshold, hold my hand mum
Feel the soft cold, speak in code now
Of how they cut throats and makes us pay somehow
With their shot-put lives, under the lives of love
His were creatures, creepy shrieks long, hide the far from
Wears your weak arm? I love broken, where’s the soft skin?
I’ve been hoping, they wont come in again,
Come in again, come in again

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With their high hopes of brutality
And these bruises are crying out again
They won’t go away and my body’s raped
I won’t cry for long because I’m dead inside

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And my little darling, hold me here and hide,
Come before me now, speak those words of stop,
But don’t look at me with the farce of fear,
Don’t you turn away when I’m killed and slayed
Hear my cries when slayed, not like you come and reigned
Weaker torso, sick inside, and strained

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Strained the blood, it butchered immune
In futures fund the cross is craned?
We were soul searching
Lurking cold
Hopping boots
Won’t become
We’re no brood
In the gun
With begun
Are you rude?

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Taking life and living life
Eating life and making ties
Closer face fills up in space –
Little people walking pace

Leanne Bridgewater Photo7

Honest here is hole-sewn hearts
Honest here is false rid start

Leanne Bridgewater Photo8

Me, oh ma, make me a love slave
Me amore, but this door’s a gate
The man with injection starts to infiltrate
The jab is in the job and it’s within that displays
Dissection distress, Cardiac arrest,
and the perfume counter lets off scent
and kills the descendent
in living in walls, bars, feel, steel
– life as a sentence

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Its former skin I’m in is losing life
You eat me without the like
Of wanting to give me better love
I was just about to walk away
But then some arms they held my hand
And beat me ‘til I were to stay
And if I may move a muscle thin
They’ll break my bones and scissor my skin

Leanne Bridgewater Photo10

My abdomens screams as they cut me away
I’ve watched motion move and my life has past,
Put a plaster there,
– Hey little kid, your paper cut is nothing compared
Come close shaven when my skin is shared”

By Leanne Bridgewater

“This is a serious slam-type poem, which was finalised for an international slam in 2013. It is called Animassity, and is dedicated to Jill Phipps, a grand activist from where I live, who was run over and killed by an export truck that was trying to export calf for veal.”

“As long as man continues to be the ruthless destroyer of lower living beings, he will never know health or peace.  For as long as men massacre animals, they will kill each other.” – Pythagorus

Thank you, Leanne Bridgewater for your heartfelt slam poem in the memory of Jill Phipps! 🙂

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Leanne Bridgewater, Vegan Fierce Contributor; Paul Schulman, Vegan Fierce Webmaster

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      Yes, those who drive slaughterhouse trucks are committing an act of evil, and to run over a person with a good heart further proves how heartless some humans can be.

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