Why Enslave One and Free the Other? Why Love One and Eat The Other?

Why Enslave One and Free the Other? Why Love One and Eat The Other?

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It sickens me! I just saw a video of the police in China LAUGHING HYSTERICALLY as they were shooting a calm, homeless dog to death. He or she was tied by a rope and was not in any kind of attack mode, not barking, not running, or anything. He or she was just lying there still, enjoying the weather, left and abandoned by his or her original owner. Bullets sprayed the dog’s body, and he or she lay there dead… Then, they proudly took photographs of the dead baby.

This link will take you to the petition: http://bit.ly/1LFTS7V

I know that racism is as serious as speciesism, and that many Chinese animal activist groups do good for the animals… But, there is a difference between the “types” of abuse we see by law enforcement in China and the USA. The police in the USA do not mock the suffering, nor do they attack dogs for fun. It must have something to do with a combination of laws andor poor training. In America, dogs are companion animals. In China, they are food.

This post would not be complete if I did not state that in America animals are killed for food every single day… Just as innocent… Also allowed by law.

The USA’s animal slaughter is no different than China’s animal slaughter in theory.

A dog and a pig are little different than a black and a white.

Why enslave one and free the other? Why love one and eat the other? Please sign this petition!  I originally saw this video on Facebook, which I’m not yet sure how to embed onto Vegan Fierce, but the information, found below, was a part of the original posting:

“◕A poor old dog was found chained on the streets of China, when the cops arrived they decided to kill him to get rid of him.. and afterwards they proudly taken pictures with their smartphones..
✦Please sign & share widely this VIP petition!
◕Help animals like him and others who are being daily abused in countries where no animal welfare laws exist!Together we can move the world to protect animals!
◕A declaration backed by the United Nation is necessary to create a new international landscape – one in which respect for animal wellbeing is recognised as inextricable from how we live and treat our planet!
★-Animal cruelty and suffering is a global issue
★-Animals are sentient – they feel pain
★-Animals need to be protected – urgently.
■The solution
◕A Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare would show a global commitment to making the protection of animals a priority!
★-It would inspire international, regional and national change
★-It would drive industries that use animals, to protect animals.
✦Read more at: http://www.worldanimalprotection.org/take-action/back-universal-declaration-animal-welfare”



Paul Schulman, Vegan Fierce Webmaster

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