The Dangers of Eating Meat

The Dangers of Eating Meat

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Consumption of  meat not only kills animals, but also humans, and this affects both animal rights and human rights while causing many other problems. For instance, in addition to facing the extinction of many animal species, if we keep eating them, we are also making ourselves sicker, which often leads to death.

Eating meat can cause heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and obesity, which often results in the eradication of humans. Meat contains high amounts of cholesterol, saturated fat and heme iron. Some meat is even sprayed with ammonia in order to maintain its color and so it can be consumed effectively.  It also destroys diseases such as salmonella.  Ammonia is also known as “pink slime,” which has been a hot topic for debate among health officials and consumers.  That same ammonia is also found in poisonous cleaning products.

In addition to the problems of eating meat, there are many issues concerning overpopulation in the world today and one microcosm of potential problems is taking place on Easter Island. The problems on that small island outline what can happen if a locality is overpopulated. Both human rights and animal rights begin to become issues as does law and order where it is out of control and crime rates increase.  Global warming must also be considered when examining overpopulation as this can affect climate change and the permanent damage to the environment.

It is therefore important to consider these issues before they become larger problems. If human population gets out of control, we may find that we are in a situation where the much discussed and feared sixth major extinction occurs.

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