“Ethical” Company Arrests Peaceful Animal Activist

“Ethical” Company Arrests Peaceful Animal Activist

Below is the message that I posted on the Whole Foods Facebook page in an effort to restore the good name of the animal activist who was arrested for peacefully protesting against the sale of rabbit meat… with the majority of the post being about the animals sold for food in their stores.

“Whole Foods,

I’m a Whole Foods customer who happens to be a vegan. I heard about the arrest of a peaceful animal activist by the name of Lauren Ornelas, who spoke out against the sale of rabbit meat. Although I have no firsthand knowledge of the situation, I have to say that I agree with her for standing her ground on behalf of the rabbits. They are as intelligent as other animals and are kept in homes across the world. To many, they are considered family just like dogs and cats. For rabbits to have our respect should not depend on whether they are intelligent or if they are pets, but rather, they deserve to live free from fear, harm, and an untimely death.

Doesn’t Whole Foods promote the leaping bunny image on many vegan products within its stores? It would seem hypocritical to allow the sale of rabbit meat on one hand while preaching that Whole Foods is a company with ethical values on the other. I also find the picture above to be extremely offensive [a photo of a greasy, dead turkey]. At my workplace, yesterday, they held a “Turkey Bowling” event where participants would roll a dead turkey across the floor to knock over water bottles. To me, it was extremely offensive, and I spoke out to over 100 employees about what happened and then told everyone I knew on social media. The year 2014 saw the smallest number of turkey slaughters since 1986. It is time to get with the program and EVOLVE.

I STRONGLY urge Whole Foods to promote products that do not cause the suffering of innocent animals and to realize that there is no such thing as “humane” slaughter. I have heard that Tofurkey makes a great vegan Thanksgiving turkey. I personally would not likely try it since the smells and tastes might be like the real deal, but I did try vegan chicken once and loved it! As a customer of your company, I really feel that animals need to be respected more in your stores. This begins with who is on our plates and realizing that they are all sentient creatures with feelings and emotions just like us. After all, you encourage diversity and equality, or so it is believed. If that is the case, you will realize that a dog and a cat are no different than a cow, pig, chicken, turkey, goat, horse, fish… or a rabbit.

Please consider what I’m saying. Stop selling [rabbit] meat, and drop any charges if they have been brought against Lauren Ornelas. You are known for leading grocery store chains in ways that are not offensive to vegans and at the very least have the common decency to spare the lives of domestic-type animals (I wish you would spare the lives of all animals). You have a knowledgeable staff, great quality vegan foods, and are a pioneer in leading grocery stores with health in mind. Everyone is always happy to go to Whole Foods, and I would like to continue to enjoy shopping in your stores. Thank you.


Paul Schulman”

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