Class Warfare Destroys Lives: Decline of the U.S. Dollar

Class Warfare Destroys Lives: Decline of the U.S. Dollar

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It’s not just a bad way of life and bad people… I’m tired of being a slave, working for the Man, trying to impress loved ones and then to compete against others in the workplace, taking food off of their plates… I haven’t taken a real vacation since half a lifetime ago.  I have no money, have reached debt of monumental proportions, can’t fix my car or pass inspection, put in my two week’s notice at work, sixty day’s notice at the gym, and stopped talking to ALL of my friends… Except for a random text message.  Don’t worry, I’m sure I will delete many more people, or be deleted by others on Facebook. A major online sales venue recently lowered my selling limits, my abilities to be seen on the site, and they are holding money for nearly one month after each sale. I usually have the highest rated type of account with them, but this evaluation, I was a fractional amount over the percentage allowed for sellers. This is completely derailing my life, so I will have no job and no side back-up income. The monopoly needs to be broken up already to allow for fair competition, and even with an equal playing field, it will never be truly equal until the income disparity is adjusted between multi-billion dollar corporations and the person trying to put food on the table or gas in their car.

Falling Apart

We need unions and a new currency already.  The U.S. dollar is not working.  It is worth almost nothing anyway, over printed, and we are charged heavy interest to borrow, enslaved to the world of high gasoline prices and animal agriculture, senselessly killing animals, while countries go to war for oil and control of others… Imperialism… Economic slavery… Even vegans are standing up for animals, but putting down the Jews… It’s not about religion!  It is about killing in the name of religion… It is about class warfare.  Stop the b.s. already with the politics, and stop fucking with the Jews.  Unite for the people, animals, and the fucking planet, and stop the b.s.!  We are all slaves… Our nationalities and political beliefs are not what is dividing us… It is not Republicans versus Democrats.  It is not blacks versus whites.  It is the disparities in income and what governments allow people to make, knowing most people will be in debt until they die.  So, we go against each other with our right to freedom of speech and having a multiparty system, and if we can just “say” what we want, we will never change the status quo.  We need to educate and change the way things are today.  The dollar was worth more ten years ago than it is today, and that pattern can be applied for several decades in the past.

This whole country is my island… I want free passage wherever I go, no price controls, and no more free markets where single men own the Gross Domestic Product, or GDP, of other countries.  We need to go back to the Greenback where invisible fiat currency cannot be loaned out nine different ways to enslave the people into owning homes that will eventually go into foreclosure.  Even a local currency would be sufficient.  No more credit bureaus, financial markets, or associations whatsoever.  If we do have them, then, they need to be very small. The borrowing needs to be limited so we never see another Great Depression like that in the 1920’s or the stock market crash of 1987. We all need to eat, live a vegan lifestyle, and be able to breathe.  End the bureaucratic mess!  The Federal Reserve is our Master… We are ALL slaves.  Corporations own the government as they are paid off by special interest groups and Political Action Committees, or PAC’s. The more money that is printed, the less our money is worth. Corporations get their bailouts when they fail, but nobody bails out the little person. We are not responsible enough for the markets.  You can have your fucking Dollar! I support Occupy Wall Street, and I support Animal and Human Liberation.

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