“As The Snow Falls”

“As The Snow Falls”

As the snow falls

And the wind blows

They walk.


As the crow calls

And the trees bow

They squawk.



Shots fired…

Mother down.


As the mother falls

And the babies cry

They gawk.


As the father brawls

And his eyes aglow

Their shock.



Another round…

Father down.


As the children crawl

And the parents go

They stand tall.


As the night befalls

And the hunter’s repose

They stall.


Eyes wide open…

Shots fired…

Eyes wide closed.



The poem, “As The Snow Falls” was written with families in mind.  No one knows until the end of the poem that there is a family of animals, personified in such a way that one might think humans, and not animals, were being attacked.  The point of writing in this way is to show the reader that all living beings feel love, pain, fear, etc. whether they are a person or an animal.  The use of common literary devices, such as rhyme, repetition, etc., are present while I used my own freestyle in order to get the point across that no one is superior to anyone else.  My recent inspiration was from seeing some deer walking with their children right in my neighborhood, peacefully, on the sidewalk, and in single file, just like people.  The poem could be applied to any type of animal such as squirrels, bears, birds, elk, groundhogs, etc.

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I used the featured photo from Freerange Stock’s website in order to show the plight of the siblings.



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