Metamorphosis Of Veganism In America

Metamorphosis Of Veganism In America

As of late, I find it very pleasing to see so many more people going vegan than ever before.  At vegan establishments, I have seen couples, families, and even single men or women taking their children to eat cruelty-free foods.  Not only do I see lots of strangers, but even those who I know, that are not [yet] vegans, are frequenting these places more often.  For example, one of my friends, who still eats animal products, has not eaten them around me in over two years!  The person regularly asks to go with me to Loving Hut Vegan Cuisine!

According to the Vegetarian Times, “… 3.2 percent of U.S. adults, or 7.3 million people, follow a vegetarian-based diet. Approximately 0.5 percent, or 1 million, of those are vegans, who consume no animal products at all. In addition, 10 percent of U.S., adults, or 22.8 million people, say they largely follow a vegetarian-inclined diet.”  The study also goes on to say that there are many people interested in vegetarianism, and in my opinion, that opens the gateway for these individuals to eventually become vegan.  More and more people are giving up animal products not just for health, weight, wellness, and environmental reasons, but for the animals.  The full link to the article can be found here:  I would also like to recommend Cowspiracy, Earthlings, and Forks Over Knives for those who have not yet become aware of the source of their food.  If you are still not convinced of the health issues with food, as well as the harm through which the animals go, please consider checking out The China Study.  A great place to start on your quest to veganism would be to go to local vegan cafes, watch YouTube videos, and do a quick Google search to see how people have turned around their lives by going vegan.  On Vegan Fierce alone, you can check out several different stories of how giving up animal products has given people a new lease on life.

People oftentimes ask me if I miss anything by becoming a vegan.  I have to say that I miss nothing.  Surely, it would be nice to have the modern conveniences in restaurants to cater to vegans, but it is still not there.  As far as food goes, I definitely do not miss anything, especially knowing how disgusting it is to harm animals for food as well as how the leading causes of diseases often go hand-in-hand with meat and dairy consumption.  I love all animals equally anyway, so why would I even consider consuming the by-products of animals.  Eating a cow, pig, chicken, or a fish, at least to me, is no different than eating a dog or a cat, animals that so many Americans consider, not as pets, but as family members.

I used the photo above to show that society is waking up!  There is a metamorphosis of veganism in America.  More and more people are going vegan every single day.

The featured image posted was used from the FreerangeStock website.
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I began this website as a way to showcase that going vegan is easy, cost-effective, delicious, and most importantly, fun. No animal has to suffer or die for a meal. Since the age of four, I have not eaten meat. I learned at a young age that the family puppy shared the same types of emotions as wild animals and farm animals. I never thought that it was okay to exploit them. Twelve years ago, I gave up cheese, not knowing the suffering through which cows had gone. I am dedicated to the vegan lifestyle, animal advocacy, and in furthering the social justice movements for all people, animals, and the planet. I am pleased to announce that since this blog began in 2014, there are many more vegan businesses from restaurants, a fully vegan shopping center, a school that only serves vegan food, and a vegan medical center. Although I have no affiliation with them, I feel that it is noteworthy to say that the movement is growing, and I hope to see the property status of animals one day change to acknowledge them as "persons," not things.

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