Hear the Howl of the Wolf at the Top of the Mountain

Hear the Howl of the Wolf at the Top of the Mountain


It is a dark night no matter the light outside.

Stars squint through the clouds, peeking through the darkness.

Behind the light is a being so bright that no one can see it.

Nor, are they aware that such a being exists.

Like pores on our skin, our arms are exposed to the light of day.

The rest of our arm is unaware.

As we stand on land, we do not know that we are the land, on which others stand.

Our eyes to see are but a mere microcosm of our ability to see as closed off senses beyond smell, touch, taste, sight, and hearing are a part.

Nobody dies.

Nor, do they go to Heaven or Hell.

We fear the unknown, which once we know, we will lose the capacity to understand once we are able to speak.

Sounds of toys and parents laughing, loving their new baby.


Outside, there is war.

Blood, death, and chaos.

People are afraid.

They cling to religion, politics, and country.

Trains… Planes… Boats… Transported… Dead.  In the end, they all perish.

Various languages, screams, and cries are heard.

Unsung, forgotten babies dying at home and in distant lands.

Not forgotten, but never considered are the animals of the world, the Earthlings.


Their bodies feel the sun.

Their parts are unaware of other beings, senses, and so on, just like humans.

They are destroyed for no reason, only for excuses.

Mothers and fathers watch their children die.

Never once are they considered by humans to be worthy of their love and compassion except by the rare ones who refrain from using and abusing them.

Institutions are created to enslave them;

Workers are hired to murder them.

Work is outsourced, and immigrants immigrate to new lands.

They cannot speak the unknown language in their new homes.

Blood is spilled.

Cries are heard.

Skins are ripped.

Organs are sliced into pieces.

Muscles, tendons, and ligaments are pulled.

Babies are stolen from mothers.

Brothers and sisters are slaughtered.


Trains… Planes… Boats… Transported… Dead.  In the end, they all perish.

Barks, meows, chirps, hoots, roars, and other animal sounds are abundant throughout the buildings.

Flames rise, and smoke boils to a head high up in the sky.

Clouds suffer.

Air pollution.

Fecal matter runoff.

Blood goes down the drain.

Gas chambers.


Unable to breathe.


Next in line.

Some murdered, some raped to make more as the cycle continues.

Trains… Planes… Boats… Transported… Dead.  In the end, they all perish.

People of this land call people of that land barbaric.

Heroes are called “crazy” and “extreme.”

One country kills this type.

Another kills that type.

Human babies are still born.

Parents are laughing, watching their babies

Animals are still born.

Humans are still mocking their suffering.

It is illegal to save them.


They are property.

Restaurants serve them.

Humans consider it all their “belief” to murder animals as if it is okay.

Will we ever see the light?

Will we ever come back?

There is a circle of life…


Not of one species killing another to survive…

But, of individuals who know…

That karma and energy never leaves…

Japanese Symbol

Some humans learn…

While others learn nothing…

In the end, who will perish?

Hear the howl of the wolf at the top of the mountain.

Coyote howls on a cliff at the Red Rock Canyon.

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I began this website as a way to showcase that going vegan is easy, cost-effective, delicious, and most importantly, fun. No animal has to suffer or die for a meal. Since the age of four, I have not eaten meat. I learned at a young age that the family puppy shared the same types of emotions as wild animals and farm animals. I never thought that it was okay to exploit them. Twelve years ago, I gave up cheese, not knowing the suffering through which cows had gone. I am dedicated to the vegan lifestyle, animal advocacy, and in furthering the social justice movements for all people, animals, and the planet. I am pleased to announce that since this blog began in 2014, there are many more vegan businesses from restaurants, a fully vegan shopping center, a school that only serves vegan food, and a vegan medical center. Although I have no affiliation with them, I feel that it is noteworthy to say that the movement is growing, and I hope to see the property status of animals one day change to acknowledge them as "persons," not things.

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