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This page is reserved for the animals. If you have a companion animal who wants to be famous, just send his/her name and photo with a little excerpt as to why they would like to be on the Vegan Fierce site. Not all submissions will be posted as it depends on the needs of the site based on the story and/or the time of the submission. Some may be posted in the future, removed, posted in different areas of the site, etc. An example of what would be possible is: “Photo of a rescued eagle. Her name is Freedom. After having been abused, she is now in the care of ABC Bird Sanctuary and has plenty of free space to roam. She would like to be on the Vegan Fierce website because it would be nice to see a bird on it, she would feel happy by being published, she has changed the life of our family for the better, and she is a symbol of hope for other birds to be rescued.”

Please click on the “Contact Us” form on the far right side of the homepage to submit a story. Thank you.