Vegan Dogs, “Pete” & “Vicki,” Abandoned in Park, Find New Home! :)

Vegan Dogs, “Pete” & “Vicki,” Abandoned in Park, Find New Home! :)

This is Pete (L) and Vicki (R). They were abandoned in a park in Little Rock Arkansas. The neighbors to the park said they stayed in the parking lot for about a week afterwards presumably waiting on the people to come back. However they wouldn’t let the neighbors catch them. Finally after about 3 weeks the neighbors called some dog rescue people. The dog rescue people agreed to take them if they were caught. I was not affiliated with the rescue organization but one morning I got an email that was being forwarded around from a woman willing to go get them if someone would go with her which I decided to do. We did manage to catch them and we took them back to my house. The dog rescue people came and was going to split them up to go to separate foster homes. They said this was the only way they would be adoptable because they were so traumatized. I told the rescue people that they had been through enough that day that I would keep them overnight. The following morning I called the rescue people and told them that I had decided to keep them both. This was in 2006 and we’ve been happy together ever since, eventually moving together from Little Rock to Brooklyn NY, then to Manhattan and then this past March to Washington DC. They have some lingering PTSD issues but they adapt very well and are happy and we love each other. Also, they have been thriving as vegans since last January.
Pete & Vicki

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